23  Wholesale Home Decor products That Acts as Perfect Storage

Marie Kondo popularized tidiness in her Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo in 2019. Since then, a heightened focus on keeping a home clean and finding ways to store your possessions better was sparked. It is possible to have a well-organized home that also looks good. Consumers are looking for wholesale home decor that can be functional and add to the ambiance of the room. People will be looking for items to help tidy up their homes, so if you’re a wholesale home decor distributor, these are the items you want to have available. 

Hide Items in Plain Sight with a Storage Ottoman

People want a great way to store items, but they don’t want to make it too obvious - in this case, offering a storage ottoman is a perfect wholesale home decor storage item. It’s a great item that will look good in whatever room it’s in and is great to offer your consumers when they’re looking for decorative storage pieces.

For The Book Worms: Floating Hidden Bookshelf

A floating bookcase is a perfect option for a wonderful-looking whole home decor feel. Not only will it spruce up whatever room it is in, but it also doesn’t take away space on the floor of your home - making it the perfect book storing unit. 

Using a Multi-Purpose Pantry Rack to Dry Pans

Whether your consumer is a baker or a gourmet chef, they probably have a lot of dishes when they’re finished making a great meal. A multi-purpose pantry rack is a great idea for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Offering this wholesale home decor item for customers is a good idea for those looking for functional storage.

Improvise Wholesale Home Decor with a Ladder to Hang Towels On

As far as wholesale home decor goes, nothing makes a space looking as good as a ladder does. Not the kind you use to step on, but the kind that can be used to store items on. Offering this for your consumers will be lucrative as they’ve most likely seen home decor pictures on Pinterest and have seen how a ladder really stands out in a room. 

A Magnetic Kitchen Rack is The Perfect Kitchen Buddy

In the kitchen, there are certain necessities that aid in cooking. Paper towels, soap, olive oil, etc. They take a lot of space up on the counter, so offering a magnetic kitchen rack will be a good item to offer consumers for them to purchase.

A Corner Shelf Is Perfect for Storing Items

When a person has small knick-knacks, they may not know where to put them. By placing them on their desk, they’re taking up valuable space. This is why lightweight corner shelves are great solutions for this dilemma. 

Use a U-Shaped Shelving Unit to Organize Cabinets

If you haven’t seen this, then you are in for a surprise. A U-shaped shelving unit is perfect for storing items in the kitchen and bathroom. You can see everything that you have, while keeping shelves organized. It’s a great wholesale home decor to have - especially to offer to your consumers.

Tiered-Jewelry Stand Is Perfect to Store Jewelry In

Jewelry is incredibly popular and a huge industry. There’s a good chance that most of your consumers own quite a bit of jewelry. They may not know where to store them, which is why offering a tiered jewelry stand for those looking for wholesale home decor is a good idea. 

A Structural Wall Hanging Could Also Hold Their Necklaces

Your customers have most likely never seen this before, but this structural wall hanging is a really cool way to hang someone’s necklaces. It looks so incredibly chic on one’s wall; it’s but also a practical way to make the best out of a small space. 

A Shower Curtain with Mesh Pockets Can Store Whatever They Need

Another wholesale home decor item that you can offer your customers is a shower curtain with mesh pockets. This allows for spaces to store items that people use while showering - such as shampoos, soaps, and other items. By offering this product, you’re sure to have sales. 

A Makeup Caddy That Rotates Is a Perfect Purchase

Just like with jewelry, it’s sometimes difficult to store makeup. There’s so many pieces, where does one put them all? This makeup caddy is a great place to store and display makeup. It also rotates, which makes accessing what someone needs a great perk.

A Collapsible Dish Rack Stores Nicely

There are certain items in the kitchen that are essential but take up so much space. The same can be said of dish racks. A collapsible dish rack is a great way for your consumers to take advantage of wholesale home decor.

Over The Door Shoe Holder Is a Great Place to Store Your Shoes

If we have a lot of shoes, there comes a point where we simply do not have the place to put them all. This is why an over-the-door shoe holder is great. There are so many pockets to store one’s shoes in. It keeps them off the ground and adds an extra place of storage for the consumers who are looking to find places to store in their smaller homes. 

Invest in a Bedframe That Has Room for Storage Underneath

A great wholesale home decor piece is a bed frame that has storage underneath it. With this, people can store items in their homes without

A Drawer Organizer Can Easily Divide Clothing

If a customer of yours live in a small apartment, they probably don’t have a lot of drawer space. Offering a drawer organizer to your consumers will help them organize their clothing without having to sacrifice space. 

A Hanging Cocktail Bar Is Great for Entertaining and Personal Use

Whether someone likes cocktails with a side of reality television, or they enjoy entertaining, a hanging cocktail bar is such a great buy. Instead of having a bar cart or nothing at all, they can have a hanging cocktail bar with a fold-down table and voila, they have the perfect means to entertain guests

A Storage Rack Is Such a Good Idea That It’s Obvious

Offering the advice of a plate storage rack as a good means of storage is probably obvious. But, sometimes, we don’t consider the obvious when we’re looking for creative ways to store items in a small home. A storage rack is a perfect wholesale home decor idea for consumers to use in order to get more organized. 

A Medicine Cabinet Shelf Adds Another Means of Storage

This is a small item but certainly will make a big difference. In medicine cabinets, make the most of the space they have with medicine cabinet shelves. Your customers can add multiple ones and they don’t even need to just use them in their medicine cabinets.

Get Some Shelf Dividers to Organize Their Closet

Offer some shelf dividers to provide a great means of organizing items such as scarves and blankets. This wholesale home decor may be inside of a closet, but it will provide that Marie Kondo touch that consumers are looking for. 

A Bedroom Bench Adds Extra Storage 

This is a simple and easy way to add extra storage to any bedroom. It’s a storage place for people to sit on and store items - such as pillows, clothes, and even toys. It’s a must-have for customers and will provide them with the space they are looking for when they’re shopping for wholesale home decor. 

Window Bench Storage is a Stylish Wholesale Home Decor Idea

No matter how big or small a window is in a bedroom, you can put a cushioned bench that also acts as a storage bin right underneath. Not only does this provide a nice seat to enjoy the scenery outside from, but it’s also a storage unit for items. To the unknowing eye, it’s just a bench, but for your customers, they’ll know it’s the perfect place for them to store what they need. 

Around the Bed-Headboard Storage Cabinets 

Trying to find creative ways to create storage in a bedroom can become challenging. With a storage cabinet that wraps around the headboard of a bed, a person can have the cabinets pressed against the wall and out of the way of the actual room. Meanwhile, this furniture piece essentially looks as if it’s a part of a bed set, and you can have everything someone needs within reach.

A Fold Down Bed Is an Unconventional Way to Make the Best of a Small Space

Offering the ability to install a fold down bed to consumers is a good way for your customers to make the most out of their small space. There are many options that will make the room look good as opposed to the old-school thought of what people believe a fold-down bed to be.

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