How do Net 60 terms work for wholesale?

Net 60 payment terms allow you to purchase the right amount of goods for your brand.

Newlabel covers the upfront expenses of your order with net terms, and you won't be charged for the items until 60 days after you placed it.

When an invoice is paid, the amount is returned to your credit limit, and you can use your Net 60 terms to place future orders. Please keep in mind that you can place an order that exceeds your credit limit, you will be charged for this order when it ships.

What criteria does Newlabel use to award Net 60 terms?

Terms limits may be assigned to brands upon sign-up. We may also require you to link your bank to verify your business for net terms.

At the time of sign-up, brands may be assigned term limits. In order to authenticate your business for net terms, we may additionally request you to link your bank account.

What if I don't meet the requirements for Net 60 terms?

If you do not qualify for a credit limit, you can pay when the factory ships your order. Once the order is in transit, your card will be charged automatically.

Will my terms limit change?

We'll examine the original terms we assigned at sign-up on a regular basis as your business grows.

We will consider any changes to your business type, size, or location, as well as your payment history, financial information, and/or other self-reported sales information, when altering credit limits

How can I increase my terms limit?

There are several ways to receive increased terms limits on Newlabel, including but not limited to:

Increased terms limit on Newlabel can be obtained in a variety of ways:

  • Connecting your bank to Newlabel
  • Paying your invoices on time
  • Keeping a good return rate
  • Taking use of your existing terms

You can also apply for a higher limit directly from your payment method dashboard's "Increase my limit". We'll ask for further information about your company during the application process.

Keep in mind that if you don't have any past-due invoices, you can always order more than your terms allow by selecting the option to pay on shipping during checkout.

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