Seamless Freight & Logistics

Whether by air, sea, or ground, Newlabel automates your entire wholesale freight process.

How it works

Ocean Shipping

The future of wholesale freight is here at Newlabel.

Our platform simplifies the shipping process by tracking your wholesale shipment at all times. We offer competitive rates without compromising on quality or customer service. You’ll get excellent visibility and transparency throughout the entire shipping and tracking process.


Air Freight

Better rates and visibility on air freight

Whether you’re shipping bulk orders or simply need a quick quantity, you can rely on Newlabel to facilitate efficient and affordable air freight from anywhere in the world. Using our interactive dashboard, you’ll be able to follow your wholesale shipments from factory to air freight to final destination.


Ground Transportation

Door-to-door delivery for all of your orders

Book your wholesale order right from your Newlabel dashboard and track your entire shipping process from state to state and all other locations.


Customs Brokerage

Automate your customs process with the help of our expert team.

Our customs brokers are at your service to help obtain any quality or testing certification you may need for wholesale products such as electronics, cosmetics, and more.



Newlabel guarantees your money back 100%.

Newlabel only hosts wholesale factories we trust, and we take full responsibility for your product quality. If your items don’t arrive on time, or aren’t as described, you will receive an immediate and full refund.


Track and Trace

Complete visibility on exactly where your order is at all times.

Whether it's in the middle of the ocean or being loaded onto a cargo plane, Newlabel allows you to track your wholesale shipment's location at all times.

Knowing where your goods are and when they are arriving will better prepare you for receiving and distributing in the U.S.


Local Samples

A simple way to start wholesale production for your brand.

Cut your transit time and shipping costs by receiving stock samples within the US.

Newlabel offers local delivery for samples so you can test your product before placing a bulk wholesale order.